Race 1 starting Pos.: 4th

Race 1 finishing Pos: 2nd

Race 1 points: 20

Race 2 starting Pos.: 1st

Race 2 finishing Pos: 1st

Race 2 points: 20

Championship standings:

3rd position: 171 points

Race 1

Paludo qualified on 4th for the first race of the weekend.

The Saturday was promising. Right on the green flag, we had a tight and dangerous start at the race. Miguel was locked in the Senna “S”, when a car in front spun out. Luckly, the BRANDT driver managed to get away without any scratches. After that start, Miguel yielded two spots, holding the second place.

Yellow flag is out… by the time the safety car was out, Miguel almost granted the first place. From that moment on, the BRANDT car held its second place. Great race to start the weekend!

Race 2

Miguel qualified on pole position!

As for the second race of the weekend, on the morning of the São Paulo F1 Grand Prix, Paludo since the green flag, managed to put a good distance from the second place, holding the front of the pack from start to finish! A great win for the BRANDT team, with a fully crowded Interlagos and 7,7 seconds gap to the second place!

That’s a third place on the Sprint championship for the 2022 season!

Porsche Carrera Cup Brazil – Race 8 (Interlagos – F1)