Race 1 starting Pos.: 7th

Race 1 finishing Pos: 1st

Race 1 points: 22

Race 2 starting Pos.: 7th

Race 2 finishing Pos: 5th

Race 2 points: 12

Championship standings:

4th position: 129 points

After a week of intense raining, the city of Goiânia was back to its traditional weather. The track was hot with overcast skies…

Miguel Paludo qualified 5th for the first race of the weekend. Right at the start of the race, Miguel was able to conquer P1 at the first turn. From that moment on, it was all about keeping the position, as the second car didn’t let go!

About halfway through the race, two cars were involved in an accident that caused a full course yellow flag, with the pace-car holding everybody back until they were able to clean the track and move the cars from the dirt. It was a single file restart… the BRANDT Porsche kept its position until we saw the checked flag. Great win by Miguel Paludo and the BRANDT team!

For the second race of the weekend, on Sunday, MP qualified 7th. On the first turn, two cars crashed, but Miguel was able to keep his 7th spot. Pace-car was in, but only lasted one lap as the cars were able to come back to the track without help.

With 19 minutes to go, Miguel was constantly attacked by the 8th place, but his position was well defended! With 15 minutes to the end of the race, Miguel Paludo was able to yield one position on a battle for 4th place, moving to 6th

On the next lap, the BRANDT car was on 5th! MP overtook one more car on T1.

He kept that position until the end of the race, granting the BRANDT team a 5th place.

Miguel Paludo holds 4th position on the Sprint Championship.

Porsche Carrera Cup Brazil report – Race 6 (Goiânia)