16th of October

Type: Endurance

Qualified: 1st

Race starting Pos.: 1st

Race finishing Pos: 1st

Race points: 68

Championship points: 68

Championship position: 14th

With the pole position granted for the BRANDT team, Dennis Dirani was the one starting the race. The first few corners of the race were tight, with the second and third places pushing for an early overtake.

By the lap 12, Dennis was more than 4 seconds ahead of his opponents. At the first stop, on lap 22, Miguel took the BRANDT car and continued to secure a lead. The team opted for a bold strategy, not making a tire change on the second stop, which was on lap 38, Paludo continued on the wheel, not changing places with Dirani.

By the time of the lap 52, Miguel Paludo had an advantage of 22 seconds ahead of second place and in the third stop, on lap 60, Dennis Dirani took the wheel and led the car to the checkered flag 16 seconds ahead of the second place!

Porsche Carrera Cup Race Report – Stage 7