Perfect weather for the start of the first endurance race of the year! Miguel Paludo now shares the #7 Porsche 911 with Allan Hellmeister for the first time and they managed to qualify in 6th!

Right before the green flag for the 300km of Interlagos, the race directors pulled the yellow flag as there was an object on the middle to the road that they had to remove. Second time around for the green flag, Allan Hellmeister starts the race and just on the first turn, he jumps for the 4th position! Great start for the BRANDT team!

On the second lap, Allan makes a beautiful move to grant the 3rd place! The BRANDT team is thirsty for that first place, but before he could make the move for the 2nd place, by the 6th lap, there was a crash that caused the yellow flag up until the 13th lap.

On the restart, Allan saw the opportunity to take the 2nd position, but the other car closed the door on him, forcing the BRANDT car to the grass, putting us on the 5th position.

Pitstop window was open on the 17th lap, for 8 minutes. A car crashed on the same lap, but no yellow flag was shown at first. Some cars stopped on the pits, but only on the next lap the Safety car was deployed, changing a lot of the strategy for the cars that didn’t make their stops on the first opportunity. After all cars made their stops, Paludo was on the wheel of the BRANDT 911 car and the BRANDT team held the first position!

On the lap 32, the #7 car won the first segment of the race, granting us some precious points for the championship!

We led the race for over 14 laps, until the next pitstop window was open, when we made our second change by the end of lap 34. Allan is back in control of the BRANDT’s car, on the 4th place.

On the 40th lap, another overtake was made, putting us on the 3rd place. For the last stop, on the 53rd lap, Paludo was back on the wheel, for the last stint of the race!

It’s almost nightime, lights are on… and the red and platinum car holds the 3rd position beautifully!

It’s checkered flag for the BRANDT car, with an impressive 3rd place and one segment win!

Paludo, Allan and the BRANDT team finishes the first Endurance race of the 2023 season only 3 pts from the leader!

Starting Position: 6th

Finish Position: 3rd 

Championship Position: 2nd 

Final points: 68

Porsche Endurance Race – 300 km of Interlagos – May/2023