Porsche Carrera Cup Brazil report – Race 1 (Goiânia)

As usual, the track of Goiânia was hot and no signs of any rain to arrive, so we should have boiling battle with the brand new 992 Porsches!

Miguel qualified on the Saturday morning at 4thplace. As the race started, the first 4 cars formed a separated group, as they were pulling away from the other cars. The race was very consistent, not offering many opportunities for an overtake for any of the drivers, but with about 5 minutes to the end of the race, the second place spun out, making the BRANDT #7 car finish at the third spot of the podium!

On the next day, the race started with a grid inversion of 6 places, putting us on 4th position again for the green flag. Red lights off, and right at the first corner the red BRANDT car dropped to 5th. Things weren’t looking too good for this race start, but on the second lap our champion managed to make a beautiful overtake on the main straight, putting us on the 4th position again and adding some room to breathe. On the same lap, the second place had a leak on the radiator. As from this point, Paludo remained on the third sport until the end of the race!

MP managed to close the first race weekend with two 3rd place finishes, granting the BRANDT team a good start for the 2022 season!

Race 1 starting Pos.: 4th

Race 1 finishing Pos: 3rd

Race 1 points: 18

Race 2 starting Pos.: 4th 

Race 2 finishing Pos: 3rd

Race 2 points: 16

Race weekend results: 34 points

Championship standings:

4th position (tied with the 3rd place)

34 points

Porsche Carrera Cup Brazil report – Race 1 (Goiânia)