11th and 12th of September

Type: Sprint

Qualified: 4th

Race 1 starting Pos.: 4th

Race 1 finishing Pos: 4th

Race 1 points: 16

Race 2 starting pos.: 3rd

Race 2 finishing pos.: 2nd

Race 2 points: 18

Total weekend points: 34

Championship points: 137

Championship position: 1st

As usual, races in Curitiba are a rollercoaster of weather guesses and forecasts… the sun was hidden behind thick clouds during the first qualify of the Saturday.

Miguel Paludo started his first qualify run, carrying 50 kg of extra ballast, as he is the championship leader.

After the first qualify run, MP took the 5th position, taking the BRANDT car to the Top 10 qualify run, which finished in 4th overall.

Right on the first 3 turns of the race, MP dropped one position, keeping him for a few laps in 5th. Paludo kept pressuring the 4th position for more than 15 minutes, until he finally managed to overtake him, holding the position until the end of the race.

The rain didn’t fall until the interval between the 4.0 and 3.8 races and it only lasted for about 10 minutes.

On the next day, the weather was hot, and the race was scheduled to start around 1h30 pm.

The grid inverted 6 positions, granting the BRANDT car a start from the 3rd position on the second race.

As the green flag was given, two cars caused a heavy accident on the main straight, resulting in a red flag.

Thankfully both drivers were OK after the crash.

The pole position entered the pit stops by mistake on the red flag and lost the first position on the restart. That gave us the P2 on the restart.

With the second green flag, the race was tight, with the first 5 cars all together during the whole race.

Miguel finished in second place, granting good points for the championship, holding the lead.

Porsche Race Report – Stage 5 – Curitiba