26th and 27th of June

Saturday – Race 1

On the first race of the second stage of 2021’s season, Miguel started from 7th, as his foot slipped during the qualify and ended up spining.

The track was cold, but there was no expectation for rain, so all cars had slick tires.

The green flag came out and the race started with a crowded first turn, which caused a car to hit Miguel Paludo on the back, causing damage to both! The car that hit the #7 was forced to retire from the race and the BRANDT car lost a window with that, so for the rest of the race, this was causing massive drag, not letting MP to get closer to the leaders of the race. Nevertheless, Miguel was able to jump to the 5th position on the start.

On the 8th lap, Paludo managed to overtake the 4th position, holding that until the checkered flag.

Sunday – Race 2

With a grid inversion of 7 spots, Paludo remained in the 4th position, starting from outside (left line of the grid), which puts MP on the tough spot, as the first corner is a right hander.

As the green flag waved, Paludo got an awesome start, diving on the first lap, running side by side with Werner (car #8) for the first turns. Miguel jumped from 4th to 1st with that beautiful move and kept that position for the whole race. Werner and Paludo put up an awesome chase during the 25 minutes of the race, finishing more than 8 seconds ahead of the 3rd place of the race.

Checkered flag was out and we brought the big trophy home!

Type: Sprint

Qualified: 7th

Race 1 starting Pos.: 7th

Race 1 finishing Pos: 4th

Race 1 points: 16

Race 2 starting pos.: 4th

Race 2 finishing pos.: 1st

Race 2 points: 20


Total weekend points: 36

Championship points: 67

Championship position: 2nd

Porsche Carrera Cup Race Report – Stage 2