Pointing his focus towards COTA, Miguel Paludo started his own preparation for the race in the AV racing. Using the same strategy that blast the BRANDT and JR Motorsports trough 7th place in Daytona.
The 6-time Porsche Cup Brasil Champion has shown his strength in adversity after been lapped on Daytona’s Roval in his first race within 8 years away from the NASCAR.
Miguel used the race to promote and raise awareness about diabetes. Both Miguel and Oliver, his son, are diabetic.
Using the opportunity to know the track, Paludo’s Charity Race took place in similar conditions to the race on may 22.
All the money collected in the subscription for the event was donated for “Instituto da Criança com Diabetes” back on Miguel’s hometown Porto Alegre.
Bohessef started the race on pole position, Paludo was 9th prior the race start. The dominance that Bohessef shown on the race was outstanding. Leading all the 19 laps of the race and opening a 32 second gap to the second place at the end of the race.
Paludo was about to complete the podium in third place, but he spun around on the dying moments of the race, leaving the last podium place to Endrigo de Castro.
The event foresaw a 15 position gird inversion to the second race of the day.
The winner of the race one started way down the grid and ahd the mission go all the way up back to the first position.
Within six and a half laps completed, Bohessef was already on the top and keep the position until the checkered flag. Gabriel Mauricio finish second and Andrigo de Castro thirt. Repeating the same podium formation of the first race.
Paludo who started the short race in 10th position has finished in 6th.
The Brazilian driver keep his intense training protocol towards the NASCAR Xfinity Series race next week in Austin. The next race marks the second of three events that the Brazilian will show up this season, next June he will race again in Mid-Ohio.

Crisiano Bohessef shows dominance in Paludo’s Charity Race