Velo Città (Mogi Guaçu)

29th and 30th of May


Type: Sprint

Qualified: 1st

Race 1 starting Pos.: 1st

Race 1 finishing Pos: 1st

Race 1 points: 22

Race 2 starting pos.: 8th

Race 2 finishing pos.: 7th

Race 2 points: 9

Total weekend points: 31

Championship points: 31

Championship position: 4th

Race 1:

After a problem with the gearbox of the #7 car during the first qualify, Miguel used the backup car for the top 10 qualify and got pole position!

We had a little bit of rain before the start of the race, so everyone started with rain tires. Just like the way the race started, MP was able to hold the first place of the pack for the whole race. Even with the poor grip of the tires, as the tarmac was drying during the race, Miguel made it look easy to tame the BRANDT Porsche!

Paludo dedicated the win for this father, which had his birthday on the day before the race.

Race 2:

After the win of the first race, we had the grid inversion of 8 spots, so Paludo started the second race from 8th place.

On the next day, the track conditions were dry and we had close racing throughout the whole 30 minutes. Right on the green light, Miguel had a good start, but when he moved for the overtake, the car in front blocked him, forcing MP to brake.

During the race, MP managed to get to 7th place. In front of him, we had Neugebauer and Feldmann. Miguel overtook Neugebauer, but when he tried getting Feldmann’s position, he stepped on the grass and lost some time. Neugebauer, with the #8 car, saw the opportunity and took his position back, with a touch on our front bumper, which caused the car to slowly overheat throughout the rest of the race. After that, the #8 car kept defending for the whole race.

We ended up finishing on 7th, keeping us on the 4th position in the championship standings.



Porsche Carrera Cup Race Report – Stage 1